Handmade area rugs are available in various types and designs. Use a rug to increase the floor life and give it a new look and feel. Area rugs are available in thousands of color combinations, patterns, materials, shapes, and sizes. This rug can actually make a room pop or bring a fun in your decor. If you have hardwood floors or tiled floors, then a handmade rug can warm your place and add comfort. A handmade rug is an expensive accessory. Most of the people want to decorate their room with gorgeous and “One of a kind” handmade carpet but they are not able to buy it because it is a very expensive item. If you are going to buy a rug means you are going to spend a lot of money. It is not something which you can buy from anywhere and once in a week. For those people, who cannot purchase a carpet in normal days, can buy it now because it is a festival time and most of the websites offer best price and discounts on beautiful handmade area rugs. For handmade carpet, there is no better option than Rugs and Beyond. Rugs and Beyond is the best online carpet store where you can buy your favorite carpet. They have a huge stock of designer carpets, antique carpets, hand knotted rug, hand-tufted rug etc. at best price. They provide coupons which you can use at purchasing rug from Rugs and Beyond and can get up to 60% off on luxurious handmade carpet. Now find the best three types of carpet which you can buy at an affordable price:


Flat-Woven Rug: Flat-weave rugs- or tightly woven dhurrie without pile-is a cost-effective, durable way to cover a large place in your home. Because these do not have any piles and knots and are not easily absorb stains or dirt as a handmade wool or a silk rug. You can easily clean it with hand or vacuum. Flat-woven dhurries are single weft and that’s why it is very thin. You can easily place it under the door. It is suitable for all seasons. It does not emit heats. If anyone has allergies with dust then use a handmade flat-woven cotton dhurrie instead of handmade carpet or wool rug because cotton panja dhurrie is 100% pollution free. The durability and easy cleaning make it perfect for kitchen, hallway or entrance routes.

Kilim Rug: Kilim rug is Flatwoven, traditional-style carpet which is usually made with 100% wool. Originally used as the prayer rugs and home decoration, it is best if you want to decorate your home in bohemian-style. Kilim rug is so tightly woven; these are long-lasting, flexible and work as dust resistance. Generally, kilim rags have a high-value tag because these are made from best quality wool. Its manufacturing technique, material (100% wool), stability and stylish, neutral design make it the best investment.

Hand-tufted Rug: Hand-tufted rug is made in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. It is a cheaper rug because it takes less time to weave. Hand-tufted rug is also made on a handloom. It is also called cut-pile carpet. It does not contain knots. First, weavers create a frame according to design which is called CAD and after that inserted material in it using a gun machine.