Safety Coding Issues: There are various features in old homes which aren’t up to current building codes, but pass inspections because they’re grandfathered in. For instance, stairways can be too steep for kids or aging adults, bathrooms and kitchens might not be properly ventilated, and several other stuff. These issues vary from minors to detrimental, but all affect the quality of life at your house and may add up to big renovation costs in the long term. Energy Inefficiency: many homes which are old are not as energy efficient since houses Since construction criteria and standards have changed over the last several years.

Energy prices on an Energy Star rated house are around 30% less than a conventional home – which is an annual savings of $800-$1200! Property Sold As-Is: While there is a seller’s property disclosure to alert you to flaws with an existing house, what about those matters? You know, such as the faucet that has the door that sticks in the summertime, a trickle, and the dozens of other things that might add up to large headaches in the long term. Additionally, an older home comes along with appliances and systems which are no longer under guarantee, that are pricey when they go, to replace.

Remodeling The Money Pit: themselves convince they’re getting a great bargain on a house they can help it become their dream house with just a few renovations. The fact is which renovating is a messy, time intensive process. While it’s definitely worth the end result, particularly when updating a kitchen or bathroom or adding a garage, there’s a lot to be said for having it the way you would like it from the get-go. Not Your Style: When purchasing an existing home, it’s unlikely that you’re going to come across a seller with your exact interior design style. More than likely the paint colours, fixtures, along with window treatments will need updating or replacing to fit your needs.

Why not have it your way from the start? The bottom line is that while construction isn’t the right fit for everybody, it’s a fantastic solution for most home buyers. A reputable contractor\/home builder can walk you through the home building process and help you decide if it is right for you. To find a quality house builder, visit or your local NAHB chapter. While there are many offers to be had in the present home market, it’s significant to take the above into account and realistically figure what you are going to be spending and what you are going to be getting in return.