We all love spending time with our loved ones and for that we build our home in such a way that it makes our life more fun and comfortable. Now, when we talk about fun and comfort in our home, pool is the best investment one can ever have. Pool is a place wherein you and your loved ones can dive right in and enjoy some family moment. Building a pool is not enough as we speak, one has to create a design is such a way that pool surrounds looks perfect. Pool Surrounds is very important aspect which one has to consider precisely and with due diligence. Imagine your weekend, and you are having a family brunch at your place with all the glam sham and barbeque, now when we talk about such events, we need to consider many aspects regarding pool surrounds. It simply has to be ready so that one can enjoy the surrounding in a different way. When you are finalising the design for pool surrounding, one has to utmost care about the fun and functional areas around the pool. One has to find a balance between the pool and home, and between garden spaces, for making arrangement in summer time. Following are some points which one has to consider for creating an ideal pool surround.

Complete Look:

When you are planning your home pool surrounds, one has to keep in mind many aspects and out of all of them one has to keep in mind pool design and surrounding. Pool design should be logical, and it should not build haphazardly. Now, to ensure that there is a cohesiveness between the pool design and pool surround, one should keep the material used same for the pool interior and the surrounding area. Now, there is possibility that you can’t use the same material everywhere but try to use the closest matching considering colour and texture, so don’t it doesn’t look shabby to the onlookers. Now, one has to find balance between the decking area for furniture and pool as pool surround can be used for multipurpose uses and events, so it has to make sense.

Consider Pool as a Focal Point:

Pool is a centre attraction of any house, the first thing a guest notices is a pool. Thus, pool and its water should be considered as a focal point and on the basis of it one should design the pool surrounding. One should imagine how it will look and accordingly one has to develop a landscape design which compliment the pool and house overall. One should also design the surrounding in such a way that pool cleaning equipment can be stored properly.


Think about what kind of natural environment you want to create around the pool—do you want an open, airy space, or a more private and cosy sanctuary? Do you have any existing shade of trees or other structures? What type of plants would you like to add to the surrounds and what kind of maintenance do they require? Working with a landscape designer or architect early in the pool design process is a great idea to ensure that there is enough space for plants to mature without impeding the seating or walking area around the pool.


Pool surrounding is incomplete without proper paving. Paving makes adds an aesthetic appeal to the surrounding and makes it easy to walk around in different weather conditions. Pavement should be considered as safety addition rather than just an attractive feature. While opting for pavement make sure that it is not slippery as wet feet of the ones using the pool can slip and it can be dangerous. It also helps to keep the dirty water entering into pool during rains from entering.

Pool Surrounds is important as a shabby pool design can break or make the deal. Keep this pointer in mind and save yourself from any debacle or bad decision.

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