“When a home feels like it has been customized to an owner’s functional and aesthetic needs, the people who live there generally find it more appealing than the best five-star resort”.

It’s true that money can make your space adorn all kinds of luxurious items, but will make it appear not even less than a spoil brat who is overly entitled to consume anything and everything. So, it’s wise to think twice before you desperately shell out huge sums of money to decorate your home like the perfectly designed spaces we see in the catalogues. Feeling like our home is “ours” which will in turn act as a catalyst to cling those traditions, customs, values and emotions together. It’s time to uncover some creative DIY ways to decorate your space.

In an article for Health, Feng Shui expert and author Jamie Barrett said that your home furnishings can definitely affect your personal energy. A room’s design and decor can make you feel drained or frazzled, or conversely, can help you feel calm or cheerful. So as frivolous as it may seem, home decorating is actually kind of important. 

Here’s What All A DIY Maven Like You Can Experiment:

Whether it’s your existing or newly acquired space, these creative DIY ideas are bound to accent the overall look and feel of your home.

Create A Gallery Of Memories: Replace those heavy and gaudy wall designs with easy yet charming gallery walls. Gallery walls are one of the best ways to let those creative ideas speak about love and unity that constitutes your family as a single unit. So, let every single person in the house gather picture frames in various shapes and sizes and arrange art and personal photos on one central wall area. And don’t be afraid to paint or design your frames if you want.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Let It Reflect The Best Of All: In a piece of Real Simple, interior designer Michael Garvey recommended using mirrors as an incredibly simple decorating tool. A beautiful mirror can be used to magnify light, add drama, build fascinating reflections and frame views. So if you are falling short of ideas, mirror the wall.

Experiment A Little With Super Cool Stick-On Wall Paper: Unlike traditional wallpapers, stick-on wallpapers are not only cheap but also gives you a ton more pattern variety than simply painting. You can easily grab stick-on wallpaper in retro florals, faux hard wood, or even brick.

Let The Wall Be Your Canvas: Remember those childhood days when you used to get scolded by your mom for scribbling on the wall? But now you can make her feel proud letting your creativity speak for itself on the wall. Wait no more! Get creative and paint patterns using store-bought stencils or a stencil of your own design.

For The Love Of Nature: Flowers are one of the most simple yet elegant way to beautify your space and breathe some fresh life into it. So, place some fresh flowers in any corner of your space and let it amplify the look and feel of your home.

Light Up Some Natural Shade: Candles are another cost-effective and easy way to decorate your space. Place a candle in an old jar to achieve a rustic look, or put them up against a few small mirrors to pull out amplified glow.

Come, experiment a little to decorate your home, your way!