What are the home office essentials needed by a solopreneur?

If you’re a solopreneur, you probably have a secret wish list of things they’d love for the office. Here’s the truth. Solopreneurs spend hours on end in a home office setting. The home office needs to be productive whether you’re a creative or techie type of solopreneur.

Sometimes, however, we dig into the work and take little notice of our surroundings. The home office can become sterile and bland. Over time, this can begin to stifle the productive feelings that it once produced. This is especially true if you are most inspired when working in a stylish space.

If your home office was once a place that motivated you but has now become lackluster, it’s time to reinvigorate it.

5 Home Office Style Boosts for Solopreneurs

1 – Stylish but comfortable chair

Are you still sitting in the same chair you’ve been using since you started your home business? If you started with the basic rolling chair from the big box store, it’s time to invest in that upgrade you’ve so badly needed.

Find a chair that is wide enough for your frame and offers lumbar support, especially when you sit at a desk all day. One that rolls freely and silently as you move from task to task will make your day easier.

Don’t let those ergonomic factors think you’ll sacrifice good looks. Today’s office chairs come in a range of colors and styles that allow your chair to make a style statement.

2 – Fun and colorful desktop accessories

Whether your style is Kate Spade or Martha Stewart, you need desktop accessories. From a funky-patterned stapler to a sassy tape dispenser, you need the tools to do your job. There’s no need to settle for the standard black or gray tools.

Whimsical desktop accessories will brighten your day and lift your mood.

3 – Great lighting

Tackling those important daily tasks requires excellent lighting.
Lighting improves your efficiency and makes you feel well. When your lights are not positioned correctly or are too dim, it casts shadows or causes eye strain.

You probably have two kinds of lighting in your home office—overhead and task lighting. Lose the contractor-grade overhead light fixture and replace it with a beautiful overhead light with a clear globe.

For your task lighting, choose a beautiful lamp and position it opposite of your dominant hand to ensure you don’t cast shadows when you’re writing. For example, a right-handed solopreneur should place their task lighting on the left.

For all home office lighting, choose LED bulbs for the cleanest light.

4 – Organizing systems

Has your home office become overrun with clutter? If your child’s half-finished science project and an envelope stuffed with receipts rest side by side in your office, reclaim your space.

Attractive organizing systems allow you to find a place for everything, and it gives you an incentive to banish the kids from your workspace once and for all.

Organizing systems come in styles from clean and modern to fabric-covered units with your favorite modern farmhouse prints. The choice is yours.

5 – Framed family photos

You likely have pics of the family in your home office. But, do you have them framed attractively or tacked to your bulletin board?
Invest in frames for every photo and create an attractive gallery to serve as a focal point of your office. Include pictures of your family, pets, and even your favorite places. These photos will serve as inspiration.

The Bottom Line

Solopreneurs spend the same number of hours in their home offices as other workers spend in their workplaces. There is no reason to pass that time in a shabby, outdated, or uncomfortable home office. Invest in the purchase of these items to make your home office better equipped to help you be productive and enjoyable for you every day.

Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a solopreneur freelance writer and blogger. She publishes Fifty Plus Fab and other blogs and maintains a full book of clients. When she’s not blogging, you’ll find Deborah working in the garden in her North Carolina home.