There are many factors to take into consideration when designing a backyard pool. The backyard pool is an important investment and major feature so the backyard pool design needs some careful planning and consideration ahead of time. What are your budget limits, style and preference? What shape is the best suited for you?

What are your swimming pool size requirements? How many people do you want to fit in the area? What would be the practical working area of the pool, for example, is it best to have the pool on a concrete slab? Do you prefer the added equipment or more swimming pools installations?

The location is one of the biggest overlooked factors when it comes to backyard pool design ideas. If you are lucky enough to have access to running water, then this will obviously influence the type of backyard pool design you choose to install. However, if you are not fortunate enough to have this luxury, or perhaps you live in a rural location with no access to running water, then the design considerations become even more important. For instance, will you want the swimming pool to be above ground or below ground level? What are the alternatives and what are the pros and cons of each?

The location also determines the types of accessories you can incorporate into your design. Do you want to include slides, ladders and similar items? Can you incorporate these items into the design or are these areas totally outside of your budget? For example, with some swimming pools you can incorporate a built in, sliding deck along with a spa or hot tub.

Lastly, consider the size of the decking. Some decks are open and allow for easier access to the water. Others are enclosed within a fence or wall. If you have a small deck, will you need to use an additional feature such as a spa or hot tub? If you have unusual shapes or unusual sizes, you may need to employ the help of an expert to incorporate these swimming pools into your backyard swimming pools design ideas.

In summary, take your time and thoroughly consider all of the options available. You want to spend time designing with the possibilities in mind. This will ensure that the swimming pools you choose fit perfectly into your backyard, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come. Make sure you understand how these swimming pools will appear once they have been fully installed and ensure that the costs associated with their installation are reasonable.