Was it I began makeover obstacle? Yesit waswhich means Im two weeks late with this post that ought to probably be called New Ways to Use a Crap slew of Old Ikea Products in a children’s bedroom, but I believe I got worn out from my self imposed obstacle I just couldnt bring myself to relive it till now. I shared questions to answer before beginning. Its age woman that is practical: Real answers to this question of how and where to shop adolescent things today. So lets get to it! – 1. Raid this pantry – First up is probably S hooks and my hands down favored find in this project: Ikeas Bygel railing.

– the Fintorp condiment stand Before I fell for all these I was hit with another kitchen merchandise. At $16.99, it was more than Id typically spend for something similar to this. But that minty cuteness! – I hooks to hang the stand from and balked at the cost of the other items: A Fintorp railing. That brought the total cost of a small bucket to store lotion and hair spray to almost $30.00. Um, no. Then I discovered this holy grail of rails: The Bygel railing and the Bygel S hooks – $21.00 was still a madness for such an item, however one I could live with.

Trofast for toiletries – Even though I was preparing for the day in my bath room, both our teenager girls prefer to put their game faces on within their bedrooms. Which means lots of tiny bottles and tubes and bobby pins and whatnot. Ikeas Trofast storage system is part of their childrens line, however as a latest Apartment Therapy article pointed out, it may be hacked all sorts of ways to meet big people needs, too. Which signifies she likes to have things out where she can see them. The beauty of this Trofast solution is this she may easily pull those tubs out when she wants to utilize their contents and have them on this counter where she can see them.

When shes done, she can shove them back to the wall unit. The best of all worlds. And while were on this subject of Ikea hacks, look at what this individual Did with those Trofast tubs! – 3. No closet? No problem! – As mentioned in previous project posts, one big drawback to this room is that theres no closet.